A Non Profit Organization
Accredited by: WASC (Accrediting Commission for Schools)
Islamic School of Los Angeles

Statment of Faith


We Believe:

  1. There is no God But ALLAH Creator of all things, infinitely perfect, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, eternal, and has  no parents nor children.
  2.  In the prophets and that Prophet Mohammad is the Messenger of God and the seal of all prophets, and his successor.
  3. In the Divine scriptures of the Injeel ( the book that was sent to Prophet Jesus), and the Toarat (Torah: the book sent to Mousa (Moses), and the Qur’an as the last divine revealed book (sent to Prophet Mohammad).
  4. That GOD the Almighty and the Creator of the world sent Prophets to guide humanity to worship the ONE and Only GOD, to guide humanity to the right path of justice and peace.
  5. That all human beings are created equal  in dignity and rights. They are  all brothers and sisters in humanity and/or faith, and therefore have universal rights to exist without impeding on the rights of others.
  6. In the resurrection when people will be raised by the Will of GOD the Al-Mighty to be judged for their actions  and  that the heaven is the reward for those who do good deed and the hellfire is the punishment for those who do bad deeds.
  7. That as followers of Prophet Mohammad and His household, we shall abide by their teachings in our interaction with our brothers and sisters in faith and humanity and all GOD’s creation.