A Non Profit Organization
Islamic School of Los Angeles

Parents and children, working together, establishing an educated community with Islamic faith



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Al Hadi School (2013-2014) Group Photo...
 The president Mr. Mohamad Saleh is awarding the Principal of Al Hadi Dr. Ali Sleiman for his outstanding performance during the academic year 2013-2014…congratulations
8th Grade students Graduating, class of 2014... We will miss you all.


Coming up Events:


- March 2017: Spelling Bees Competition.

- March 14-17: 3rd Quarter Exams.
- March 27-31: Spring Break.

- April 2017: Science Fair Competition.
- April 2017: Fundraising Dinner.

- April 28: Parents-Teachers Conference.

- May 2017: Quranic Competition.
- May 2017: Carnival.




           In the Name of God The
        Compassionate The Merciful
     May Allah send His blessings on   
Prophet Mohammad and his household


The story of Al-Hadi School begins in the fall of 1996 in the city of Bell, California, a group of community leaders,  gathered together to seek solutions to a growing list of  concerns regarding the education of their children and their spiritual growth. Al-Hadi School is grass root community school founded by parents and community members who felt  the need to  provide quality education in an authentic Islamic environment.  Al-Hadi School is non –profit school serving  the city of Los Angeles and its surroundings.