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Al-Hadi School Spelling Bee Winners - 2012

1st Grade: Mahmoud Salem
Mahdi Matar
Ali Sakez
2nd Grade: Haidar Saleh
Bilal Ghacham
Mohamad Salem
3rd Grade: Ali Zaidi
Hussein Aref Saleh
Leila Saab
4th Grade: Mariam Mannaa
Hassan Mazen Saleh
Hussein Ali Saleh
5th Grade: Hala Ghacham
Manife Saab
Maya Chahine
6th Grade: Ahmed Salem
Fatima Joumaa
Ali Moussa Saleh
7th Grade: Nadin Ghacham
Ameed Abdelhamid
Hussein Saleh
8th Grade: Iman Farhat
Wiaam Ghacham
Heba Saleh

Poems about the prophet Muhammad


4th grade poetry


Oh Messenger From the Skies

Ya Muhammad you are the light of heavens and my eyes.

I love you with all my might.

You were not afraid to go out and fight.

I will never lose your beautiful sight.

You had a gorgeous noor on your face.

You were full of love and grace.

When the Angel Gabriel who asked him to read,

Our prophet couldn’t and didn’t heed.

You were always nice.

You never tortured animals such as mice.

Muhammad was the best thing that ever happened to mankind.

I wish I could be with you at that time.

By: Mariam Manaa


5th grade poetry


Ya Mohammad

Oh Mohammad you are the messenger of God.

Oh Mohammad you know right from wrong.

Ya Mohammad you are the most bright of all lights.

There is no fright in you expet between you and Allah.

The light of your noor is as light as sunshine.

You brought down the Quran and it was taught to us all.

Ya Rasoolaallah you fought for us all.

You followed the path of Islam and that was your plan.

Ya Mohammad there was no anger in you because you chose the right thing to do.

While I wait day by day I think about your birthday.

The day of your birthday I remember you in my Dua while I pray.

Without you and Ahlul bayt I’d be lost and have hate.

Your Ahlul bayt kept Islam going without hate.

Ya Mohammad you are the last prophet but the best human being of all.

And when you died everyone cried.

By: Ghacham, Hala



Ya Mohammad

· Ya Mohammad you are the light of heaven, ya Mohammad you are the light that brights up my heart, Ya Mohammad you are the light of my eyes.

· Ya Mohammad you are not frightened by anyone but Allah, Ya Mohammad you delivered the Quran.

· Ya Mohammad you took out your sword to protect the words of our lord.

· Ya Mohammad you are a star shinning bright, ya Mohammad you were the closest to see Allah’s light.

· Ya Mohammad the Quran was sent to you in the cave, ya Mohammad you are wonderful because you freed all the slaves.

· Ya Mohammad earth and heaven were made for you, ya Mohammad all the muslims believe in you.

· Ya Mohammad ya HabibAllah peace be upon you from this day till the day I die.

· I love you prophet Mohammad from the bottom of my heart, every day I pray that we will never be apart!!

By: Diana Farhat




6th grade poetry


Hes the one with the heart of love

full of patients from above

he sent the message all around the world

to make Islam very great and bold

we stand today to follow his lead

Islam will grow until the day of judging deeds

With clean hearts and bright faces

Inshallah will get to meet him in heavenly places

Ya Muhammad you brightened our days

You made Islam better in many ways

You cleared our way

So we can go to heaven anytime of the day

Oh Muhammad you’re the one who spread Islam

With your clean heart and valuable hands

By: Aseel Zoubaidi


7th Grade Poetry


Prophet Muhmmad:

You prayed in the cave every night,

Until one day you saw the light’

“could it be my death? Am I going to die”

“ Read, Read in the name of god.”

And you stood frozen, struck by lighting rod,

From the day on, you preached God’s ways,

Through all the obstacles, the greatest maze,

You changed mankind, gave vision to the blind,

Made the enemies fear of your brilliant mind,

And to this day, you are highly praised,

Because nothing ever stopped you, not even being hazed,

Without your courage, we wouldn’t be here now,

No Islam, No future, Here

Is where I take my bow…

By: Hussein Saleh




Porphet Muhammad

Oh Rasullah, you were sent to

this world like a light from above.

You filled our hearts with joy and love.

Oh Al-Karim, your face shines

Like the suns powerful beam.

Oh Sadiq-Al-Amin, you protected Islam like a vaccine.

Oh Muhammad, your heart is so pure.

With islam you helped the believers feel source.

Oh Al-Shaheed, the oppressors let

You bleed, but you only did the Best of deeds.

Oh Al-Mahi, you are spiritually high,

And fierce like the sea.

Oh Al-Nathir, you helped save us from

The hell fire. Your message is something That will truly inspire.

Oh Al-Kutham, you spread the message

Of Islam. That definitely makes me who I am.

Oh Al-Habeeb, may your soul peacefully

Rest. Allah will reward you only with the Best.

By: Nadin Ghacham


8th Grade Poetry



§ On a one holly night, Angels stood in sight.

§ Despite all the prophets that came before, behold mankind Mohammad has been born.

§ You were the last prophet and the dearest to your lord; you helped the sick, the needy, the innocent and the poor.

§ In mount Hira Gabriel came down to you; asked you to recite in the name of the lord who created you.

§ You are a glittering star, a light upon light; you worshiped Allah all through the night.

§ Fought and defeated the worshipper of the idols, and their empire was down. “Ash-hadu an la elaha ela Allah” was said, and once again Mecca became the holly ground.

§ The world needed you then and needs you now; your grandson is coming, when Allah gives him his command.

§ Peace be upon you Prophet Mohammad you are a cleanse to our souls, peace be upon you Mohammad you are the savior to us all.

By: Iman Farhat




Emptiness, confusion all around

Eyes blurry, ears deaf

Not an inch of truth, strings torn

Life full of darkness

Mindless Puppets

At the last the holy prophet was born

Read in the name of Allah is what he heard

A voice from the heavens how beautiful can this be

For Allah has choose Muhammad the prophet to set us free

Prophet Muhammad showed us the light

The miracle of the holy Quran that shone so bright

He preached to all people every creed every race

So many hardships our dear messenger had to face

Powerful like the sun energy, yet soothing like the moon at night

Oh Muhammad without you and your teachings nothing would be right

By: Najibe Saleh