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Accredited by: WASC (Accrediting Commission for Schools)
Islamic School of Los Angeles

About Us

Board Memebers






 Board Consultant/Leader: Hajj Ahmad Khalife, MS.


Mechanical engineer, working fortune 500 Aerospace companies for 27 years.
Taught many technical courses to technicians.
Served on the Board of Education at the Islamic Society of Orange County.
Founder and principal of the Sunday school at the Islamic Educational Center of Orange County.
Serves on the Board of Trustees of some Islamic non-profit organizations.

 President: Mohamad Husni, BS.                       

Bachelors in Biochemistry, CSULB. Business owner.



Vice President / Principal: Dr. Ali Sleiman, PhD 

PhD in Electrical and Biomedical Engineer (Human Artificial Intelligence), Masters in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, CSULB. Taught many courses in electrical engineering at CSULB. Received few scholar ships offered by CSULB (Thinking out of the box scholar ship/Engineering). Was posted on the President honors list (CSULB). Invented several inventions in my school years at CSULB, Patented few of them, and received awards from IEEE on all of the them. Won first place at the IEEE 5th Annual BME Biotech Contest in 2003 and was awarded 2nd place in 2008, also 3rd place in 2002, 2004, and 2006, 4th place in 2007.  Member at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and California Medical Instrumentation Association (CMIA). A small company owner (manufacturing four products that was invented by him). Currently professor at CSULB teaching Electrical Engineering courses.



<-Treasurer: Abu Saleh, Hajj Mohamad Abu Saleh.

Community president.







<- Board Memeber: Hajj Mohamad Saab

A successful business man, and activist in the community.






                                         Board member: Ali Tehfi---------------------------------------------->

                                  A successful business man, and activist in the community.


A successful business man, and activist in the community, Bachelors in psychology, CSULB