A Non Profit Organization
Accredited by: WASC (Accrediting Commission for Schools)
Islamic School of Los Angeles

History of Al Hadi School 



We are a communitybased nonprofit school. We believe in the empowerment of all stake holders in the education of our children. We integrate Islamic values and practices with academic learning. The school program nurtures the spiritual, physical, social, psychological, and academic development of students.

The curriculum promotes learning from natural forms and processes, to help create a sustainable and safe natural environment, integrating Qur'anic studies, Islamic morals, Arabic reading and writing, English reading and writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health, Art, Technology and Media, and Physical Education.

We act according to our belief that all human beings are created equal in dignity and with rights. We are all brothers and sisters in humanity and faith, and therefore have universal rights to exist without impeding on the rights of others.

The story of AlHadi School began in the fall of 1996 in the city of Bell, California. A group of families and community members gathered together to seek solutions to a growing list of concerns regarding the education of their children and their spiritual growth.

AlHadi School is a grass root community school, founded by parents and community members who felt the need to provide a quality education in an authentic Islamic environment.

AlHadi School is a nonprofit school serving the city of Los Angeles and its surroundings, regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin.



AlHadi School exists to provide an excellent classical and Islamic education that develops the intellectual, spiritual, physical, and aesthetic potential of the human being in line with the teachings and practices of Islam from the perspective of Prophet Mohammad and his Holy household.



The vision of AlHadi School is to guide and help students become practicing Muslims who will treat their elders with respect, their peers with empathy and their younger ones with compassion, and actively influence their society in a positive way.


The desire to know is an inherent part of the human being. Education is therefore the process of developing the
human being as whole, integrating spiritual, psychological and social dimensions that benefit the individual, the
family, and society. Programs and teachings at AlHadi School seek to:
• Teach all subjects as part of an integrated whole with Islam as the foundation.
• Provide a clear model of an Islamic life through its staff and board and families.
• Encourage every child to develop his/her relationship with God, Prophet Mohammad and his Holy Household, and all the
• Create an environment that will enhance independent learning and critical thinking.
• Encourage every student to develop love of Allah, Prophet Mohammad and his Holy Household, and love for learning.
• Provide an orderly and safe atmosphere conducive to the attaining of these goals.
• Provide services to all regardless of race color, national or ethnic origin.