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                                                 Boys Teams Wining the Pizza Project!.


On Friday October/22, in the 5th grade science class contest for pizza making project, where the student divided into two teams, the Boys team (4 boys: Hadi, Ali, Moussa and Hussein), and the Girls Team (7 girls: Rana, Fatima, Narges, Salam, Mariam, Wala and Alieyah). Both teams brought their ingredient to make a pizza from scratch. After 15 mins, the boys team finished their pizza first on a tray, while the girls finished 17 mins after the boys, I cannot believe that the boys win the pizza making project, also I have to be fair by mentioning that I was helping the boys team to fill the gab due to the boys being short numbered (teacher: Ali Sleiman). I admit that the girls pizza had more ingredient, but wasn't organized, and they finished last.